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Stefan’s & Gentleman Jack

About 18 months ago Stefan was approached by the lovely Nadine from the BBC who commissioned him to design and make a Garnet stick pin to be worn by the wonderful actress Suranne Jones who plays Ann Lister in the true story and now period drama ‘Gentleman Jack’. The piece was completed May last year and then a fitting with Suranne confirmed the Pin would be used and we were told it’s a very significant piece of jewellery within the story line. We were so very excited when we saw it on TV last night! We also got amazing feedback that The Director Sally Wainwright absolutely loved it and has had lots of publicity in America! There’s also a Gondola Brooch that was set with Gemstones by Stefan that will appear later in the storyline. We are feeling very blessed and so excited!

After so many enquires, guidance and advice from our Gentleman Jack friends Stefan has designed a replica stick pin of the one he made for the show that Suranne Jones wears as Ann Lister. The beautiful Garnets have been sourced and the first batch are on the way to being made. Exciting times. Below you can see the stages.

STEP 1: Waxmodel carved


STEP 2: Garnet checked for proportion.


STEP 3: Master model made out of silver. You can see a long rod called the ‘spru’.

STEP 4: The Garnet is reseated to the master model – finer and final adjustments are made. The next stage is to produce the gold item.




The Final Results…


Gentleman Jack