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Since ancient times, necklaces have been used to signify your personality and status. While nowadays, the jewellery you wear is more about your style and taste, necklaces are still a wonderful way of showing off who you are to the world.


Necklaces at Stefan's Jewellers

Delicate chains and simple metal pendants are timeless options, or you can add some flair with unusual chains like braided, rope or mesh styles. Gem set necklaces and solitaire pendants are a brilliant way to show off beautiful stones, including antique, pre-loved or stones that hold sentimental value for you and your family.

Stefan is a fantastic craftsman who understands the significance of certain pieces of jewellery, settings or stones, and creates bespoke pieces that show off your style, history and personality. We can also advise you on the best necklace length and style for you, to ensure you get a piece that is beautiful, practical and suits you perfectly.

Our inspiration galleries show some of the pieces Stefan has created for our customers, with his fantastic craftsmanship and eye for detail. Get in touch to see some of our pieces, or to create a completely bespoke piece with Stefan.