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Ladies Diamond Set

You marriage will last a lifetime, and Stefan’s high-quality craftsmanship ensures your ring will too. Diamond set wedding rings are a classic, beautiful option that can be tailored to show off who you are and your personal style.

Ladies Diamond Set

Ladies Diamond Set Rings at Stefan's Jewellers

Stefan can create brand new pieces, as well as incorporating settings and stones from existing pieces, such as antiques and family heirlooms. This allows you to keep the pieces you care about and that have sentimental value to you, your family or your partner, while also injecting your own personal style and flare into the ring you wear every single day.

So many things go into choosing the perfect ring for you, and creating a bespoke ring with Stefan’s Jewellers gives you the opportunity to create a ring that is everything you want, down to the tiniest details. The width and shape of the band, the size, colour, clarity and cut of the diamond, the perfect diamond shape, setting style and so much more all go into creating your bespoke ring.

Stefan can create a piece that is perfect or you in every way, so that your ring is perfectly suited to you and your personal, unique style.