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Gem Set Rings

Gem set rings can be showstopper pieces that really show someone that you care. With so many stones available to set, your personality can shine through with a bespoke design from Stefan’s Jewellers.

Multi-stone Rings

Multi-stone Rings at Stefan's Jewellers

Rings are a traditional gift for lots of different deeply significant times in our lives, including birthdays, graduations, anniversaries, engagements and weddings. While there are traditional stones for certain occasions, you can customise your ring to reflect your personal style and preferences.

Non-traditional engagement rings are becoming increasingly popular, including the use of coloured stones over diamonds. While diamonds are still a very popular choice, many people feel that other stones better reflect their personality and sense of style, while others simply prefer coloured or different gemstones to diamonds aesthetically. The meanings behind certain stones and what they represent are also significant to many people, which may be the reason behind your gemstone choices. Birthstones and other personalised gemstones are also a wonderful personalised gift to show your loved ones how much you care.

Stefan can help to re-set stones, or change an existing heirloom to reflect your personal style better and modernise a piece of family history. This means you can keep the sentimental value of an existing piece of jewellery, while also making it a more usable ring that you feel beautiful wearing.