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Even though nowadays it’s easy to find out the time on your phone or computer, a watch is still something many of us put on every day, and feel incomplete without. It’s a signature piece that completes your look every day, as well as being practical.

Ladies Watches

Ladies Watches at Stefan's Jewellers

Some people have a signature watch they wear every day, while others will have several they change depending on their outfit. Others have vast collections of watches, for every occasion. No matter how often you use your watch, Stefan can help create a high-quality, bespoke piece, perfectly tailored to you and your personal sense of style. Whether you prefer glitzier styles with a durable, metal link strap, or the sleek minimalism of a large face and slim leather strap, your watch will be completely bespoke to you.

Our high-quality watches are designed to stand the test of time while looking beautiful and helping you express your personality. We can make use of a wide variety of mechanisms, watch faces, straps, cases and more. Many ‘traditional’ designer women’s watches are sold at high markups for their quality, meaning that you could end up paying a pretty penny for a brand name watch that won’t last you into the future.

At Stefan’s Jewellers, you can be assured that our watches are expertly made and will last no matter what design you choose.