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At Stefan’s Jewellers, we understand the significance a diamond ring can have. With a wide selection of designs and settings available, Stefan’s Jewellers can help to find the perfect piece for you.

Multi-stone Rings

Multi-stone Rings at Stefan's Jewellers

A diamond ring is an investment piece, and can be handed down from generation to generation, for years to come. Multistone rings are especially versatile, as they can be worn as an heirloom piece of jewellery, or as an unusual and eye-catching engagement ring.
Multistone pieces are some of the most versatile pieces available, as with more stones we can create a wider variety of design options, to make sure your piece is as unique as you are.

Stones and settings often have significant sentimental value to us, especially ones that have been passed down between families for many years, and we have years of experience in helping create beautiful rings that maintain their sentimental value, while also being unique to you, and representing your style and taste perfectly.

We can also help create bespoke multi stone rings that suit your personality and style perfectly, as well as helping to create a piece using stones or settings you already have, to bring your jewellery back to life and create a beautiful, timeless piece.