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Buying And Recycling Old Gold

For centuries, man has had an undying relationship with precious metals. These metals like gold and silver are prized not only for their beauty but also value. This is the only logical explanation for the high number of gold and other precious metals that can be found sitting in central bank vaults and jewellery boxes.

The beauty of gold recycling is that it does not lead to degradation in quality. Put in other words, the gold that was mined thousands of years back is just as good as that mined yesterday. It is possible to recycle this gold and repurpose it without requiring any new mining.

Your Options

There are many options when re-styling your jewellery and of course, this depends what you would ultimately like to achieve.

Re-styling your Jewellery is a great way to recycle pieces which may have gone past the point of feasible restoration or repair but are of great sentimental value. A re-style may involve a completely new creation around original Diamonds or gems. You may also want the addition of further Diamonds or stones.

Whatever you desire, book your Free Design Consultation with us and talk to Stefan about how you can turn a piece of old unused jewellery into a treasured piece.

Free Consultations & Design advice

Whatever you decide, the whole process from design and manufacture is carried out by our team.