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While all jewellery is special, lockets often hold some of our most significant memories close to our hearts. Locket jewellery gives us a space to carry the image or a keepsake of our loved ones everywhere we go, and so are some of the most personal and important pieces we make.


Lockets at Stefan's Jewellers

Since the 16th century, lockets have been used to carry good luck charms to ward off evil spirits. Nowadays, they’re more commonly used to carry keepsakes or photos of our loved ones, like our families, partners and friends, to keep them with us all the time. Lockets also make wonderful heirlooms because of their sentimental value, and can be carried and handed down from generation to generation, as a beautiful keepsake for your family.

At Stefan’s Jewellers, we create bespoke and one-of-a-kind lockets to help you look after the keepsakes you treasure the most. We can design lockets to fit perfectly with your personal style and look good with everything you wear, whether you prefer eye-catching designs that really sparkle and shine, or something more subtle and timeless.

Take a look at our inspiration galleries to see some of the beautiful, timeless lockets Stefan has created.