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Gem Set Jewellery

A gemstone is the naturally occurring crystalline form of a mineral, which is desirable for its beauty, valuable in its rarity and durable enough to be enjoyed for generations.

Gem Set Jewellery

Gem Set Jewellery at Stefan's Jewellers

There are more than 40 popular gem varieties and many more rare collector gemstones. Although some gemstone varieties have been treasured since before history began and others were only discovered recently, they are all nature’s gifts to us.

Gemstones come in almost every colour under the sun, and so are perfect for creating stand-out, beautiful and unique pieces of gem set jewellery. They are stunning, durable and can last for hundreds of years if taken care of properly, making a show-stopping heirloom that can be treasured for generations to come. Every gemstone is completely unique and comes with its own natural composition, making the stones especially valuable and beautiful.

Stefan understands the versatility, boldness and longevity of gemstones and works with them, to create a piece of jewellery that is totally bespoke and completely your own. He creates bespoke necklaces, earrings, rings and brooches which can all be made and set with gemstones to give you a timeless and completely unique piece you can wear again and again, and that can be passed down for many years.